Monday, September 16, 2013

Race Report - Live for Evan 5K

A Saturday ago, I ran in the first Live for Evan 5K in downtown Hopkinton. It was the perfect day for a race. A little cool, a little warm, just right! I wanted to do this race to support the cause, to support a new race in our town and to see if I could maybe have a fast race. I'm happy to report that every reason for doing the race was satisfied! 

My plan, suggested by MarathonMike, was to go fast at the beginning, fast in the middle and fast at the end. I used my trusty Garmin and could see that I started a little faster than I wanted, so I pulled back and found a pace that was tough to maintain, but possible. The course took us in sight of the finish with one more loop left before crossing the finish line. That's when I knew that I was almost done and if I pushed hard, I would PR. Nothing like a little tease of the finish line to make you go for it. It worked and I took 1:04 off of my 5K PR! 

I swear... a 5K is harder than a marathon. Seriously. Running faster than you've ever gone, all out, straight to the finish is hard work. And I'm not even one of the fast ones. I don't know how they do it. 

Instead of medals, finishers got wristbands and a pair of sunglasses with the Live for Evan logo. It was in these little details and the large number of young volunteers that I could learn a little bit about the young man we were honoring. It was a privilege to run in this inaugural race and I'm looking forward to the 2nd Annual! 

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