Saturday, April 20, 2013

On The Go Map!

So, you have an iPhone or iPad or iSomething. And let's say you're on vacation, somewhere warm and delightful. Maybe you're not familiar with the area, but you need to get out for a run and you don't want to go in circles or do another out 'n back. 

Wouldn't it be nice if you could map the perfect run with your desired mileage and/or interesting scenery without annoying ads filling up the screen? Folks, the solution is here. 

On The Go Map lets you map a run, ride, drive, walk, skip or trot around town on your mobile device or computer.  

Here's how it came to life... MarathonMike and I bought iPads about a year ago. I could do most of my computer stuff on the iPad, except for one thing. This one thing was super annoying and frustrating. It was something I needed to be able to do. And I didn't want to fire up my laptop for just one thing

So, you know what? MarathonMike saved the day! 

He put his smarts, his running and biking expertise and his good looks into the creation of On The Go Map. Now, I use On The Go Map to help me plan all of my runs on my iPad or iPhone with no frustration! 
You simply touch the map with your finger and away you go!

Add OTGM to your Home Screen on your iPhone or iPad and it functions just like an app in full screen!
(The little white dots on the map are places where I touched the screen to drop a point on the route.)
Here are some reasons to use On The Go Map
  • Easy to use on any mobile device or on your computer
  • Perfect for planning a route for your desired distance - "Where can I go for a 5 mile run? On The Go Map will help me plan a route!"  
  • Find current location or type in an address, city or place 
  • Switch between miles or kilometers by tapping on the distance
  • Share maps with friends via a shortened URL or embed maps into your blog or website like the one below. Name that course! :-)

To map your next adventure, go to on your mobile device or computer. Add it to your home screen on your iPhone/iPad and map it up! 


  1. Very nice!

    Is it possible to reverse the route?


    1. Hi Anders! Right now, no, you can't flip the start and end points. Hopefully, it's easy enough to just start a new route. I'll mention it to Mike! :-)

    2. You can reverse the route now! It was pretty simple until I remembered one-way roads. Tested in NYC and Boston and it looks pretty solid, let me know if you have any issues.



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