Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Weekend!

It snowed in New England. A lot! We haven't seen this much snow since Winter 2011. (Thank goodness!) Yes, we survived. No, we didn't lose power. (Thank goodness, again!) Yes, the snow blower worked wonderfully. But no, we couldn't avoid shoveling completely... 

Friday was a snow day, so I celebrated by making cookies before the storm arrived. Unfortunately, I was not completely prepared for impromptu baking and was very low on flour and completely out of vanilla extract. 

And with the help of some pancake mix... it's basically just flour, right?... we had our cookies! 

Then, it snowed and snowed and snowed. 

The storm was still doing its thing Saturday morning and the club run was canceled. I was lucky to go with running club friends Sunday morning for just under 12 miles. The roads were still snow-covered in some places and very few cars were out. 

It was beautiful, peaceful, quiet. 

I'm sure I'll think of this run when I'm at the starting line for Providence. 

Stay warm!


  1. Love the pictures of New York Running Mike and Janice! You are better at destination runs than me - I brought my shoes all the way to Australia and didn't unpack them at all.

    1. Thanks, Lauren! It's fun to explore new places, but there are some vacations, like Christmas traveling, where I have a hard time wanting to go for a run. I'm sure you were busy in Australia, so it's ok!!

  2. Ok well I meant to comment on the other post, not sure how that happened...


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