Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Destination Run - New York, NY

This past weekend, I traveled to New York City! MarathonMike and I met our parents for a fun-filled weekend in the city. Definitely a great change of pace from the daily grind. It was cold and a little cloudy, but we kept warm with a cup or two of Starbucks and a good amount of walking to see the sights. We even went to see Chicago at the Ambassador Theater and it was so good. Here are some pics! 

Warning: I played with Snapseed to edit these photos. Might have made one too many changes in a few... :-) 

Rockefeller Center
View from Top of the Rock - Gotham City? 
View of Empire State Building from Top of the Rock
On the Radio City Stage Door Tour
Grand Central Station 
This was week 6 of training for Providence which meant I was up for a 9 mile run on the weekend. It just so happens that a loop from our hotel alllll the way to the end of Central Park and back was exactly 9 miles. It was meant to be! I missed two runs, yes two... this past week, so I was nervous that I would a) chicken out and not go or b) go and feel awful the rest of the day. I asked MarathonMike to make me go the next day if I put up a fight. I could not pass up the opportunity to run in NYC! 

Alarm went off at 6:30 am and we were out the door by 7. No traffic, quiet, and peaceful. I felt a little tired starting out but after a few minutes, I was moving right along and felt good. My watch took forever to find the satellites so I wasn't really sure of my pace or where I was on the route. It forced me to take in the city, the people and the park around me and just enjoy the run.
Leaving Central Park and headed to 5th Ave. 

The last time I ran in Central Park was just before Thanksgiving in 2007. Mike and I had been dating for a short while and I was pretending to be a runner. I think we only did a short run, maybe 20-30 minutes, that day. Little did I know, I would be back again and training for Marathon #2! 

Happy Vacation Week, Massachusetts! 

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  1. Very helpful and informative blog! This weekend I am going to new york day trip with my colleagues. Your blog is very helpful for me to get an idea about attractions there. I must visit Rockefeller Center Empire State Building during my tour because both sound amazing attractions there.


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