Sunday, January 20, 2013

When Opportunity Knocks...

So, Friday morning, I wake up. I grab my phone and check the essentials. Email, weather & calendar. I had an extra minute or two so I opened up Facebook and saw a notification from the Running Club. A friend shared a post on our club page with the following message: 
Calling all Marathon and Long Distance Runners! 
Hey now, I'm a marathoner! 
Christine Wyse Casting wants you for an audition this Friday 1/18 in Boston. 
She wants me? Today?!?
We are looking for men and women in their early 20s to early 30s who are serious runners. 
I'm 26 and, uh, working on the serious...  
For more information, and to schedule an audition, please email a recent picture and a brief description of your running experience. If you have an agent, please contact your agent about setting up an audition. Please follow these instructions. Thanks!  
Janice, here! At your service! 
What could this be? Thoughts raced through my head on my entire commute to school... Wondering if I had any decent pictures on my phone to send... do I have to be a fast runner... I've only run one marathon... 

And in a moment of complete curiosity and excitement, I sent the email with a picture from my phone in the parking lot when I got to school.

Ok, so I was really into this. I could already picture myself in the next NikeReebokAdidasNewBalanceAsicsBrooks ad looking like Kara Goucherrunning toward the finish line, or whatever. Hair flowing behind me, glistening (not sweaty) skin, wearing the newest running gear to show America! 

And, sure enough, I got an email later on with more information from Christine Wyse Casting. The audition was until 5pm. The shoot, if you were chosen, would be overnight the following week. But... Women should show up in shorts and a sports bra. 

Aaaand, hold it right there. 


I guess I knew there would have to be some sort of "catch." You had to have a certain physique to make the cut. The only way to find out was to stand half-naked in front of strangers. And I wasn't so sure about that. 

They might say yes. They might say no. Running makes me feel good, feel healthy. I don't want someone to take that away from me based on what I look like in shorts and a sports bra.


I'm not gonna lie. A part of me wanted to check it out, regardless of what they said. 

And maybe I regret it just a wee bit. 

Next time, I'll go with bells on. 

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  1. So you didn't go for it?? Haha, I would have skipped out too. Also I think it's safe to call yourself a serious runner since you're already working on your second full!


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