Sunday, January 6, 2013

Providence, Here I Come!

Guess what? In 18 weeks, I'll be running the Providence Marathon

Honestly, sometimes I still can't believe that I did Cape Cod just a few short months ago. Ever since, my running has been, well... lacking. I know, for me, that I'm much more likely to go for a run after school if I'm following a training plan. I need a goal, a race, to keep me accountable. Providence will do the trick! 

The marathon is mostly flat and part of the course is on a shaded bike path that overlooks the Providence river and city skyline. It's conveniently located about an hour from Boston and the timing is just before concert season at school. And did I mention MarathonMike will be joining me too? So, we won't be running together together, but maybe we'll get to see each other on the course. 

The tough part will be winter running. This is the first time I'll be training for a race in January or February... hoping for little snow and temperatures above 20 degrees! To celebrate the start of a new training season and the need for more winter gear, I got some Reebok tops on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods -- Cha-Ching! 

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