Thursday, September 20, 2012

Destination Run - Bar Harbor, ME

School is going strong and yes, it's been good to be back. But, when I was studying the calendar this summer, I discovered a 3-day weekend in September that was just begging for a weekend get away. Bar Harbor, Maine was our destination of choice! 

Mike and I did a drive around the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park. Here we are at Thunder Hole. Sadly, the thunder (water) wasn't really booming... 

We made our way over to Jordan Pond after a short hike to the top of the Bubbles (the two mountains on the right in the picture below). We happened to be seated at the table with an uninterrupted view of the pond and the Bubbles. 

MarathonMike's parents joined us for part of the weekend. The first thing we did together was catch the sunset on top of Cadillac Mountain. It was a bit cold and windy, but worth it to see this view.

Then, we all went for a lengthy and fun hike Sunday afternoon with some great views along the way. Here we are on our way down Champlain Mountain.

I really enjoyed hiking in Acadia. It was a great way to exercise my legs without having to do a long run. Fortunately, the timing worked out for our trip that I didn't have to go for a long run over the weekend. I did go for two short runs around Bar Harbor.  I saw 3 deer, a golf course and cruise ship. It was much cooler at 7am than I was ready for after a summer of warm running. But, it's time to switch to cooler runs and this weekend was the perfect way to start. 

37 days to go! 

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