Monday, June 18, 2012

Destination Run - State College, PA

Another weekend in June was spent on the road!  This time I traveled to my alma mater--Penn State! MarathonMike and I were meeting up with our dear friends to celebrate their upcoming wedding. We got to see old friends from college and we reminisced about our college days. It was a fantastic weekend in a place that means so much to me. 

I took advantage of our early arrival to do a 5-miler around campus. I didn't start running until after college, so I set out to make my run a mix of new places and favorite places on and around campus. 

New Place - Part of the Bike Path around the Golf Course

New Place - The road along the bike path was full of beautiful houses that I liked... :-) 

Favorite Place - Where I spent lots of time learning how to be a music teacher. Still have a lot to learn! 
Favorite Place - Old Main

One more week before marathon training begins! It's a little scary to think that it starts so soon when it seems so far away. Or maybe it's not that far away... the mind games begin!

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