Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Comeback

As much as I tried to avoid it, I got sick! I spent most of the week blowing my nose, losing sleep and just trying to stay one step ahead. It was a tough week. I only missed 2 runs, but missing them just made me feel worse... like I was giving up. Finally, on Friday I got out for a short run and my legs were sore, sore and more sore. My plans for an 8-miler on Saturday were nixed, but I did get out for another short run on Saturday. 

And then, my comeback began!

It's time that I introduce you to my husband--MarathonMike. His birthday was this weekend and the combination of having family visitors and the fun of a birthday were major factors in getting me back to normal. We celebrated with a tasty dinner at The Cottage and home-made Blotkake for dessert made by MarathonMom--that would be MarathonMike's Mom!

Happy Birthday, MarathonMike! 

With another busy week ahead at school, I have limited times to run in the final days before my race. So, I headed out for an hour long run late in the afternoon. The first mile was not fun, but I kept going and I had a moment that only Celine can help me express...

... It's all coming back to me now! I started to feel better and restored some confidence in myself. My efforts to prepare for this race are not lost on one bad week. I'll do everything I can to stay healthy this week and take tough days in stride. Here's to the finish line! 

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